Friday, October 31, 2008

Raisin Smuggler's first Trail!

What: CKH3 #141
When: November 8, 2008, 2 P.M. Pre-lube 1pm
Where: Adam's Apple Lounge 3302 Austin Bluffs Parkway # A Colorado Springs, CO
Hares: Raisin Smuggler, Lick My Lincoln
Bring: $5, Hash Cash, Whistle, Virgins, Thirst for Beer
Trail: Shiggy, trail only is dog friendly
Phone for info: Raisin 719-231-1777


brownie said...

I know nobody from the Kimchi hash hashes outside of the Kimchi hash, but let her know that the most recent DIM and Pikes Peak hashes were in that area. Lots of flour and chalk already out there, especially if she plans to head to Palmer Park.

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

brownie said...

Hell yeah! Brittney Spears still keepin' up with the Kimchi hash!

Not So Silent Bob said...

Sure and I am gonna miss it. That is what I get for going out of town.

Anonymous said...

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