Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What: Kimchi #267

What: Kimchi #267 Hare: Juicy Pearl Time: 2ish, Saturday September 21, 2013 (but come early to pre-lube with some tasty brews as Great Storm is hosting Oktoberfest!) Where: Great Storm Brewing 204 Mt View Ln #3, COS, CO 80907 - East side of North Nevada between Fillmore and Garden O' Gods. Bring: $5, virgins, love of lager. Shag bag, ID, headlamps, and possibly hip waders recommended. Based on current weather conditions, expect to get wet and muddy as well as additional biblical calamities including swarms of locusts, rivers of blood, etc. On-before is not dog friendly, trail is semi dog friendly (bring a leash and some judgement). On-in is alright for a properly supervised canine whose owner doesn't mind dealing with a dirty, wet, cactus-scarred, shiggy scratched and otherwise traumatized hash hound. You know, like normal.

Hapi Coat Update.

The Lady at the All-n-One (B-street and Lashelle; 1605 Lashelle Way) has agreed they can make the coats (just the coats) for $60. Currently, she is working to figure out how much the Kimchi Yeti patch will cost (we must be 12 at a time). Once complete she is going to give me a price for the full kit-n-kaboodle: Hapi Coat made (they are providing the materials) the patch, the patch affixed and the embroidery of said hasher's name in English and Koren along the front lapels. I know she is going to cut us a decent deal. However, for those of us who have the illustrious "beer coats" (as she calls them) it would do us good to have her add patches, etc. (or any other dry cleaning/mending needs), just to help build the relationship/rapport. I know Sam took his coat and wanker clothes there, as do I. I SHOULD have more information at the next Kimchi Trail this Saturday from Great Storm. Stay tuned for updates!