Thursday, December 6, 2012

CKH3 #247: Happy Birthday Day Black Pearl Necklace

What: CKH3 #247: Happy Birthday Day Black Pearl Necklace
When: 2:00, 15 Dec 2012
Where: McCabes Tavern, 520 S. Tejon St, 80903
Directions: Seriously? Find Tejon, head South, stop when you smell the Fish N'Chips!
Hare(s): Black Peral Necklace
Bring: Hash cash, ID (preferably, your own), Hash Shit, A VESSEL, shag bags, chalk, Lube (preferrably flavored), Piggy's Mom, Starship InHerThighs Dad, Juicy Pearl's Cousin, Nubbin but Love's Sister, Lip Lock Me's Cousin, transplants, interlopers and virgins!
Notes: Trail is LIVE and A to B. Nope, not confused not a mis-type, LIVE (WOOT WOOT)! Dress for the Weather (You know: December, Colorado), head lamps and/or flash lights HIGHLY recommended. There will be One BAR stop and One BEER stop. So be prepared