Friday, October 31, 2008

Raisin Smuggler's first Trail!

What: CKH3 #141
When: November 8, 2008, 2 P.M. Pre-lube 1pm
Where: Adam's Apple Lounge 3302 Austin Bluffs Parkway # A Colorado Springs, CO
Hares: Raisin Smuggler, Lick My Lincoln
Bring: $5, Hash Cash, Whistle, Virgins, Thirst for Beer
Trail: Shiggy, trail only is dog friendly
Phone for info: Raisin 719-231-1777

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Any EL Paso Hashers out there

Looking for contact info for a old YKH3 & CRCH3 hasher named Wrinkled Old Penis who is currently in El PAso Tx wanting to hash. I have mentioned Tex-Mex to him and he is looking into it. Thanks for the help

Decision Time

Ok so I got with a shirt company for the price, all in all pretty reasonable. Question would you want on-on going down the sleeve, or a foot design, if the foot was one color 1 dollar extra per shirt if it was 3 colors then 3 dollars extra per shirt. Or we can leave the sleeves blank and it would be a plain black long sleeve t-shirt with the last posted HASH design no vote for Kimchi just plain. What do you all think? The price I got was for 20 shirts total.

Bleeder if you have questions or would like to add something contact me offline or through Wheeler.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The gov is a lightweight!

Sarah Palin dropped by the Kimchi on-after for some campaining. If you're voting based on drinking skills, Ms. Palin went from sober to crashed on the floor in about ten minutes.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Double POOP

Well friends no reason to sugar coat it. As it stands right now I will be leaving the great state of Colorado and all the cool Kimchi kids. I do not know when I report but I am heading to Ft Sill to be a Drill Sergeant talk about gay, with the exception of one bar ( micro brew ) the only beer you can get is 3.2% unless I drive to Texas and hit the local wal-mart. Plus side 2 1/2 hours from Dallas, 45 min from Oklahoma City but from looking it will be a drive to any hash over there. Downside is well I'll be a fucking Drill Sergeant, working all the time away from my wife and in Oklahoma the only thing gayer than that is Brownie. I'll keep you all updated on this as we get closer. If all works out I plan to make BFE and the IH2009 in winter park before leaving the fun behind.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost Property cont'

So apparently there was a big fight between Lincoln's and Bleeder's mugs. The argument led to lincoln's mug leaving and going east instead of west. I am sure they will reconcile and the mug might go visit the west coast.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost Property

So apparently my truck collected some lost property. One is that I now have someone's shoe. Only one now though. Must have made the last trail fun. Yes I still have your patch Nascock, show up to trail for once and you might get it back.

I did find some mugs in my truck but they must have hopped a flight or something because when I got home from Texas all I found was a note saying they wanted to see what California was like. They did say they would be at Tex-Mex though. The note said that Lincoln's mug got tired of waiting for him to come to a hash so it decided to go and hash on its own. I think Bleeder's mug went with it to keep it company. I need to double check on that though.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Shirt Idea

Ok so I found this picture on a friends profile and thought it was cool. Then I decided it would make a cool t-shirt. Now I am not sure weather to have it blank with no words on the front or the Vote For KIMCHI of course this can be a different color to show up. If we leave it blank it could almost be a multiy hash shirt that other hashers could buy from us without reprise for sporting honest to goodness Kimchi t-shirts.
So this leaves us with many poll's or votes to decide this thing because currently there is nothing on the back and I was thinking with the weather getting cooler a long sleeve t-shirt might be a good idea even if we would have to charge a little more for the shirt. If we go with the long sleeve I was thinking we could put either on on down the sleeve or just a foot going down the sleeve.
Tell me what you think and once it is figured out I could contact a place I found and get us a price so what do you say.
Are there any Kimchi tab shirts left I have a virgin who wants to come to the hash and mentioned he loved the tab and would buy one of those on his 1st hash

Halloweenie Hash:

What: CKH3 #140 (The Six Days Until Halloweenie Hash)
When: Saturday, October 25th at 2:00 PM.
Where: Trinity Brewing Company, 1466 Garden of the Gods Rd. in the Springs.
Bring: The Yeti Cave, the Gerbil Tunnel, the hashit, the gnome, $5, a thirst for beer, Net's mom, some virgins and maybe a sweatshirt.
Hare: Just Carlos
Directions: Trinity Brewing is on GotG just west of Centennial Blvd. on the north side of the street. Call them at 719-634-0029 if you need better directions.
Costumes: Are completely optional. Most Kimchi hashers are dorks and will probably wear them... be forewarned. Mooo
hooo ha ha ha.


Can someone please post the info for the next Kimchi hash? Are we even having a trail? Do we even have a hash anymore?

And have fun out there - I'll be at the coffin races!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well Apparently the Kimchi Van has the hottest seats in town! With this said, I need to unfortunately make a requirement of 20.00 to hold your seat on the Van. I'm doing this to avoid arguments of who gets to go or stay. I'm not wanting to choose nor make NBN do it. The 20.00 is nonrefundable. Period. If someone buys your seat from you, different situation.If this does happen must confirm NBN or myself knows as well. The 20.00 will go towards the lump billing of seat, which depends on total amount of people. The Van itself is 500.00 and the gas approx. is 350.00 so total is 850.00.
So if all seats are filled, it will as little as 57.00 per!Awesome Fuck Yeah! Round Trip!
So at this upcoming Kimchi Hash, Kelly/Wheeler Squeeler will be my Proxy.I will be at the GABF!So if you are getting a mug and a seat and on trail be prepared to bring at least 65.00!Mugs Are 40$Seats 20.00
The following people are paid for or automatic*

That leaves only 8 seats left!
Please understand why I initiated this...Seeing the huge participation of the newsletter, made me realize the potential disaster!It may even require a second Van! Holy PooP that would be awesome!So this is posted on HashSpace, Newsletter and HashTrash CKH3. If I missed someone please inform...
On On

BJH3 + CKH3 =


Monday, October 6, 2008

CKH3 #139


Who: C-4 and brownie

What: CKH3 #139

When: Saturday, October 11, 2008, at 2PM-ish.

Where: Rampart Range Road shooting range. To get there, head into Garden of the Gods from Manitou. About 50 meters past Balanced Rock, there’s a dirt road on your left. Follow this dirt road about five miles ‘till you see the folks with guns. The road is slow going but there’s no need for 4WD vehicles. It is a pain in the ass go get up there, so anyone interested in carpooling and pre-hash PBR's should meet at my house (120 Deer Path, Manitou, 80829) before 1:30PM to carpool. The hares would really appreciate this as it'll cut down on car runs after the hash. Besides, you’ll need a few drinks to gather up the courage for this trail.

Why: Because Westwank is gonna fuck up the Denver hash, so if you want to get in a good trail this weekend there's only one choice. And because rumors have it that there might be some Firefly Vodka on trail.

You will get wet and dirty, and possibly shot, on this trail.

Oh my GAWD!!!



WHO ARE THE HARES????!!!!??!!

How's that, Browneye?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fuck Yeah IPA! really does exist!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Got this off of hash space!

Low Profile is ordering new kimchi wooden mugs! Anyone need one?



Folks, I need to replace a broken mug and so, I'm going to order one with the CKH3 snowman patch on it. Do any of you, who don't already have one, want me to order you one? My plan is to place the order on either Thurs or Fri. Let me know if you want one and what name you want on it.

On On,
Low Pro