Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloweenie Hash:

What: CKH3 #140 (The Six Days Until Halloweenie Hash)
When: Saturday, October 25th at 2:00 PM.
Where: Trinity Brewing Company, 1466 Garden of the Gods Rd. in the Springs.
Bring: The Yeti Cave, the Gerbil Tunnel, the hashit, the gnome, $5, a thirst for beer, Net's mom, some virgins and maybe a sweatshirt.
Hare: Just Carlos
Directions: Trinity Brewing is on GotG just west of Centennial Blvd. on the north side of the street. Call them at 719-634-0029 if you need better directions.
Costumes: Are completely optional. Most Kimchi hashers are dorks and will probably wear them... be forewarned. Mooo
hooo ha ha ha.


brownie said...

About fucking time!

Lick My Lincoln said...

That might be the gayest Hash announcement I've ever seen. Ever.

Nuthin' But Net said...

Hey Brownie, who is this "Lick My Lincoln" person leaving these messages?

Wow, I guess ANYONE can read our blog....