Monday, October 13, 2008

New Shirt Idea

Ok so I found this picture on a friends profile and thought it was cool. Then I decided it would make a cool t-shirt. Now I am not sure weather to have it blank with no words on the front or the Vote For KIMCHI of course this can be a different color to show up. If we leave it blank it could almost be a multiy hash shirt that other hashers could buy from us without reprise for sporting honest to goodness Kimchi t-shirts.
So this leaves us with many poll's or votes to decide this thing because currently there is nothing on the back and I was thinking with the weather getting cooler a long sleeve t-shirt might be a good idea even if we would have to charge a little more for the shirt. If we go with the long sleeve I was thinking we could put either on on down the sleeve or just a foot going down the sleeve.
Tell me what you think and once it is figured out I could contact a place I found and get us a price so what do you say.
Are there any Kimchi tab shirts left I have a virgin who wants to come to the hash and mentioned he loved the tab and would buy one of those on his 1st hash


brownie said...

Whatever happened to the good 'ol days when the Kimchi hash used to come up with their own ideas for shirts?

GrannyLingus said...

1.) They put you in charge of original ideas and you blew ass so we are making shit up.

2.) Actually I am far away and thought the idea of a long sleeve shirt would be cool and thought this picture was the coolest idea ever, pretty much makes fun of the MLB, and all the MLI shirts and designes out there.

PS your trails suck!!!

brownie said...

We should make a new Kimchi logo with a jackrabbit and an armadillo 69ing. That would be cool.

Nuthin' But Net said...

1. Brownie, you have never come up with a good shirt idea, logo, or anything related...

2. Poop.

brownie said...

1. I have also never autowanked a trail.

2. I came up with "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the brass monkey again."

3. Believe it or not, some of us care more about hashing than t-shirts.

GrannyLingus said...

If you care more about hashing than t-shirts then why is it I can count on one hand how many Kimchi hashes you was at the entire year I was home before this deployment.

PITT still sucks


I still think it is a good idea.

BicycleBleeder said...

I like it. Long sleeve allows
name on side or just On On.