Thursday, May 29, 2008

Donnie the cups are in!

For human beer pong!

These would be great cups for beer pong, flip cup or just to make somebody do a down down from it.Wouldn't you all agree. I hope you all enjoy BFE and have a few drinks for me. See you all in a couple of weeks

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've got this for you, Kesh.

Friday, May 23, 2008

MOPP #28 1/2 (BFE Prelube)

What: MOPP #28 1/2 (BFE Prelube)
When: Thursday, May 29th at 6;00 PM.
Where: Bernie's Place, 1106 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
Hare: Nuthin' But Net
Directions: Off of the nortwest corner of Circle/Galley in Colorado Springs. Use mapquest if you're retarded.
Bring: $5, a thirst for micros and Brass Monkeys, and a craving for Mexican food?

Found this on Spotty's blog...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Psycho Manischewitz

"So, Brownie mentioned that there is a MOPP next Thursday and lo and behold I have off on Friday. I'm going to be there for the MOPP Thurs night, stay down there and then go to BFE on Fri."


Monday, May 19, 2008

Kimchi Hash (5/24/08)

Theme: Hash Olympics
What: Colorado Kimchi Hash #129
When: Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 2pm-ish / on-before @ Bloody Z after noon
Where: Fox Meadow Middle School track, 1298 Cheyenne Meadows Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Hares: Lick my Lincoln & Cruit don't know
BRING: $ hash cash, hash bag, sleepover-bag (or a designated driver), whistles
Directions: From I-25, take exit #140 go south on S. Nevada Ave./CO-115 for about 4 miles to Cheyenne Meadows Road take a left, go a little over a half mile up Cheyenne Meadows Road, Fox Meadow middle school is on the left hand side (the track is in a valley behind the school).
Directions to on-before or on-after: same as going to the school except instead of driving a half-mile up to the school go a quarter mile instead and take a right at the light for Eastmeadow Drive go another quarter mile and take a left onto Red Cedar Drive, Bloody Z's house is 3701 Red Cedar Drive at the end of the road. (use yahoo maps if the directions are to hard to understand)any questions call Bloody Z at (719) 896-0825 or Lick my Lincoln at (719) 209-1117

BFE MASTER LIST!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there's going to be more than three Kimchi's at BFE, but you couldn't tell especially after the overwhelming response to my initial BFE post. If Granny can respond from another country than you wankers should at least be able to give me a Fuck Yeah!!! BFE is 11 days away and it's time to get serious like a vato!!!

Lets get this master list rolling bitches..

  1. Beer.

  2. Beer Pong Table

  3. Boom Box

  4. Music. We haven't decided on a special BFE artist.

  5. Happy Coats

  6. Brass Monkey parts (40's and OJ)

  7. Water Balloon Launcher and balloons

  8. Cash to pay our lovely hosts although I can't remember the price(don't worry it's a steal)

  9. Poker Chips and Cards

  10. Poker Table

  11. New Kimchi shirts

  12. Gatorade

  13. Emergen-C

  14. Beer Pong regulation cups

  15. Water

That should get us started...more to come!!!!

P.S. Brownie how about those Lakers, BITCH!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I'm trying to update my list of people's blog's. If'n you started one oh say since Dec can you hook me up with the link. If you prefer you can email it to, I think I will be able to update thy crappy blog O' mine more often now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

MOPP pics

Was able to save some of the pics from the recent MOPP hash and No Girth's 69 card pick up hash. They can be seen here. Some pics have been removed for decency, but certainly not deleted forever...

the general

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Net - I found your childhood coloring book!


Besides Net the gaping vagina who all is coming to BFE? It's just around the corner and there is planning to do. We always bring a Keg of Dos we want amber or lager. What special events are we going to have? Are we actually going to play human beer pong this year?

So little time so much to do and if you haven't been to BFE you should definitely try to make it out this year it's going to be good time as always. We should probably get a master list going soon...more to come!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Donnie The Retard sucks. He said he would post something about BFE.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

century club pics

Pics from the "60 Seconds to Insanity" hash can be seen here.


Nothing says Kimchi more than taking a huge steamy deuce on trail. Especially if you have to wipe with leaves.

salida hash?

Ran into a former Buenos Aires (Argentina) hasher who now lives in Salida. Chaffee county has a really nice running scene, and for those of you who've partied in Salida you know how they like their booze. So the guy asked me about possibly doing a hash down there. He wanted to see if I could get a group to come down there, and he'd advertise the hash around town, with hopes of possibly keeping the Salida hash going.

So would anyone be up for a road trip?

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Kimchi Shirt

The new Kimchi shirt is in no way ripping off the trash. The trash have T-shirts with the Hash foot on them...does that mean we shouldn't have shirts with the Hash foot on them, no of course not. What about our “Retard” tab that’s the same idea and we had that before I saw the trash shirt. We are just putting a different spin on something we’ve already done plus when push comes to shove ESPN and I used to be Trashers. In fact that was our mother hash and I assure you they would have no issue…not that there is an issue in the first place. So all those who are worried about “ripping” off the trash (ahem Milf) rest assured we are not doing that in any way.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CKH3 #128 (5-10-08)

Talked to John at Arctic a few minutes ago and got the lowdown on the trail for Saturday:

What: CKH3 #128 (60 seconds to insanity)
When: Saturday, May 10th at 3:00PM.
Where: Arctic Craft Brewery (2506 E Platte PL. Colorado Springs Co. 80909) [Mapquest it!!!]
Hare: 7 Second Pump
Bring: $5 and a thirst for beer. Oh, and virgins (if they're brave enough).
Notes: Trail will be between two tables that are approximately a one minute walk apart. At each table there will be kegs of Arctic beer and we'll be drinking 1-2 oz. at each station (per minute) until a winner is declared (or everyone passes out).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

next MOPP hash

There was supposed to be one this Friday, hared by 7 Second Pump, for Bloody Z's going away shindig. I assume this is on hold? Anyone hear anything?

Making the News

Hey folks there is no fancy picture on this but currently NBC is doing a special on the unit I am with. It started airing last night so if you missed it you can look it up on under videos another brick in the wall, "the beaver dam" was us and next time I have spray paint with me a big ON - ON or CKH3 will be posted. All is ok here and see you all soon