Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Besides Net the gaping vagina who all is coming to BFE? It's just around the corner and there is planning to do. We always bring a Keg of Dos we want amber or lager. What special events are we going to have? Are we actually going to play human beer pong this year?

So little time so much to do and if you haven't been to BFE you should definitely try to make it out this year it's going to be good time as always. We should probably get a master list going soon...more to come!!!


Nuthin' But Net said...

Was that so hard, fag?

brownie said...

I'll be coming out on Saturday. I'll be wearing my Carlos Boozer Utah Jazz jersey!

DoNNie tHe RetARD said...

3-2 biatch...Go Lakers

GrannyLingus said...

I think Wheeler Squeeler is making her BFE virgin apperance.

Remember that my tent is once again available.

Nuthin' But Net said...

Thanks Granny!

If she comes out, I'll set it up for her with Donnie.

Then, if we need to, we'll stay in the spare compartment. Only if weather is bad though, as we plan on sleeping in fart sacks on the ground, 10th Group style.

GrannyLingus said...

If you slept outside in a "fart sack" it is because you passed out not cause you chose to. I think she would have lots of fun there.