Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Psycho Manischewitz

"So, Brownie mentioned that there is a MOPP next Thursday and lo and behold I have off on Friday. I'm going to be there for the MOPP Thurs night, stay down there and then go to BFE on Fri."



brownie said...

Yes, sometimes people from one hash will actually go to a hash in another city. Often times this is called "road tripping" or "traveling." You know that part of the circle where the RA calls out "visitors" or "out of towners?" They're actually talking about this phenomenon. You should try it sometime.

I challenged Psycho to a one-on-one, germans vs. jews, game of flippy cup. She hasn't accepted yet.

Nick said...

You're right. I've never traveled to a hash before.

Where'd you get all those patches for your happy coat?

I need some...