Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CKH3 #262: Colorado Kimchi Second Anal B-Hash!!

          CKH3# 262:  Colorado Kimchi Second Anal B-Hash!!
Hares:  Chlamydia^3 and Queer Eye
Saturday 13 JULY 2013 at 2 pm
Starts at Diamond Deb's, 919 Arcturus Dr. CS 80905
Bring: $5, a BIKE to ride for the hash, a VIRGIN to ride later, your ID and $ for a side trip if you want to imbibe

This is a bike hash, however not all portions of the trail are ride-able.  You likely should be wearing a helmet to protect any working brain cells that you have left after hashing as long as you have.  The hares would recommend that you ride a mountain or hybrid bike, not a road bike.  What you choose to ride after the hash is not our responsibility.  If you need a bike, call or text Chlamydia at 719-660-1100.