Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CKH3# 240

What: CKH3 #240
When: 2:00, 08 September 2012
Where: Trinity Brewing 1460 Garden of the Gods
Directions: On the North side of Garden of the Gods, just south of Centennial
Hares: La Petite Cooter and Don't Get Me Sharted
Bring: Hash cash, ID (preferably, your own), Hash Shit, OWN MUGS, shag bags, chalk, sunscreen, sunglasses, WATER, psychiatric counselors, Bob's Mom, virgins and lube (flavored-preferred).
Notes: A to B run with two beer stops and car backs. There will be an adventure quest, so bring your Indiana Jones Hats and Whips! Trail and ON AFTER are Dog friendly. There is water on trail, so change of socks/shoes recommended.