Sunday, August 31, 2008

How about College Football

Instead of putting this on my blog ( nobody really checks it out anyway). I decided this was the best place to talk about opening day of college football.

First there was talk from Brownie of how this was going to be PITT's year well it could happen stranger things have happened however losing to Bowling Green in the season opener doesn't help much.

WVU from the heighlights seemed rather impressive, seems that Pat White has spent the offseason learning how to actually throw the ball and quite well I might add, 3 TD passes, but do not worry his speed is still there so don't forget about that. 19 more days folks and the Mountaineers will be in Colorado, so remember drink lots of beer and take lots of pictures and enjoy the game, cause I would have if I was there.

Then of course there is Rich Rodrigez and the Michigan Wolverines at home losing to Utah wow didn't see that one coming, it looked like Michigan had a chance of course the refee's mad some piss poor calls and personally walked them 60 yards up the feild to attempt to tie the game but a over thrown pass on the two point conversion was the deciding factor. Apparently Rich's wife still stays up at night and cry's because her friends all now hate her and her husband for leaving WV and something I didn't know was he was actually mayor of his town, but I guess that has changes as well and he feels betrayed, well fuck him he talked a big game and betrayed the team he was coaching by leaving before a championship game so who betrayed who.

On another note Brownie I am still waiting on that PITT shirt so I can uphold my end of the bet from last season, if need be maybe I can find a gay one to order then I can give it to you for your collection when I am done. I am already thinking of a bet for this year you will need to come up with something if PITT wins again ( look in the books after they win they lose the next 2-3 ) anyway if WVU wins I am thinking you should sing John Denver's Country Roads at Karaoke just like WVU will be blasting that song at the end of the game after they win. I hope every one is doing great until next time I'm out

Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear God, somebody please buy this registration...

[ColoH3] One More Invihash Rego For Sale‏:
Make an offer and its yours.
On On
Nappy (

I'll buy the purchaser pitchers of beer in Walsenburg. Juicy Pearl, you should come!


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here are some pictures of Granny's R and R as well as BFE and last weeks MOPP.

Click the link..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Liquid Plumber

Someone PLEEEEEEEASE have Plumber get hold of me! We gotta get his trail info out soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

good times!

Thanks to all those who came out to the MOPP hash!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Everyone, especially Not So Silent Bob, read this! Due to the hippie DNC party in Denver on August 28th (the same night as the MOPP hash before Invihash), the Secret Service will be shutting down I-25 within five miles of Invesco Field at "around 5:30 PM."

Don't let this make you late to the MOPP prelube! Also, tell your friends in Denver... (yeah right, as if people who live in this state want to come to a Kimchi hash....).

I just don't want anyone stuck on I-25 when they could be getting shitty with us in Manitou Springs! And for all you liberals out there... you'll just be trading one hippie party in for an even better one (since we're hashing in Manitou).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

WVU vs Buffs

Ok all, you are just 30 short days away from a good ol' fashioned Kimchi vs PPH4 and friends football ass whoopin, only this time it is college football. So Net have you been able to get tickets yet or are you still working on it, Wheeler is curious? Who else is going to go and root for the loseing home team?

After the game I predict a something will be set on fire, because this statement holds true trust me. Oh and Congrats on staying undefeated against PPH4

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CO Invihash pre-lube


For those not flying directly into Walsenburg International Airport, there will be an Invihash pre-lube hared by the Colorado Kimchi H3! Start time is 6PM on Thursday, August 28th.

Start point is at the Townhouse Lounge, located at 907 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs, 80829. This is about ten minutes from Colorado Springs. From I-25, take the exit for US-24W (exit #141). Continue west (towards the mounatins) and take the exit for Manitou Springs. Continue towards the big mountain once the ramp dumps you off on Manitou Ave. A good parking spot is at Memorial Park, look for the big train as you hit the main drag of town.

From the Townhouse, hashers will be loaded up into vehicles, blindfolded, and taken to a secret start point. It's a Kimchi hash, so trail will include shiggy, mud, stream crossings, Pabst Blue Ribbon, graffiti, Brass Monkeys, jello shots, and a few other surprises. Trail also includes a pub crawl.

Hash cash is $5 to cover the trail, and pay-as-you-go for the pub crawl.

Lots of crash space available in the Springs area. Colorado hashers contact someone in the area, any out of staters can get ahold of me and I'll see what I can do.

Any other questions feel free to get ahold of me. Any bitching or whining or moaning, please contact someone from the Pikes Peak hash...


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hooray for Raisin Smuggler who has stepped up to Hare her first trail EVER on Nov. 8!!!!

Anyone want to volunteer to give her a hand?

And who else is going to show that they have the scrotal fortitude to Hare some shiggy trail? A chick can do it! How about YOU!??!?!?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay here it is, the Trash PBR t-shirt. I talked about it and am now taking orders and getting sizes. I want to place this order soon though so at the latest please let me know by the next Kimchi trail. Here is a pic of the front of the t-shirt. The back just has test which says in blue lettering
"We've been cumming to the same party since 1984 and in no way is that depressing"
It is a white t-shirt and they have some in now but if necessary I am sure I can convince them to order more. So let me know if you want one and what size and I will give you the price later.

Friday, August 1, 2008

happy birthday!

How cool is it that the 6th anniversary of the Kimchi hash coincides with Jerry's 66th birthday!