Sunday, August 31, 2008

How about College Football

Instead of putting this on my blog ( nobody really checks it out anyway). I decided this was the best place to talk about opening day of college football.

First there was talk from Brownie of how this was going to be PITT's year well it could happen stranger things have happened however losing to Bowling Green in the season opener doesn't help much.

WVU from the heighlights seemed rather impressive, seems that Pat White has spent the offseason learning how to actually throw the ball and quite well I might add, 3 TD passes, but do not worry his speed is still there so don't forget about that. 19 more days folks and the Mountaineers will be in Colorado, so remember drink lots of beer and take lots of pictures and enjoy the game, cause I would have if I was there.

Then of course there is Rich Rodrigez and the Michigan Wolverines at home losing to Utah wow didn't see that one coming, it looked like Michigan had a chance of course the refee's mad some piss poor calls and personally walked them 60 yards up the feild to attempt to tie the game but a over thrown pass on the two point conversion was the deciding factor. Apparently Rich's wife still stays up at night and cry's because her friends all now hate her and her husband for leaving WV and something I didn't know was he was actually mayor of his town, but I guess that has changes as well and he feels betrayed, well fuck him he talked a big game and betrayed the team he was coaching by leaving before a championship game so who betrayed who.

On another note Brownie I am still waiting on that PITT shirt so I can uphold my end of the bet from last season, if need be maybe I can find a gay one to order then I can give it to you for your collection when I am done. I am already thinking of a bet for this year you will need to come up with something if PITT wins again ( look in the books after they win they lose the next 2-3 ) anyway if WVU wins I am thinking you should sing John Denver's Country Roads at Karaoke just like WVU will be blasting that song at the end of the game after they win. I hope every one is doing great until next time I'm out


brownie said...

We'll go 11-1 and still win the title.

GrannyLingus said...

When will you ever wake up my friend, you have to have the worst coach in football history ok maybe not history but still you get my point, even the predicted suprise team of the Big East Rutgers got beat by Fresno State. As much as it pains me to say this WVU will not go undefeated but will be in the National Championship game mark my words

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