Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CKH3 #128 (5-10-08)

Talked to John at Arctic a few minutes ago and got the lowdown on the trail for Saturday:

What: CKH3 #128 (60 seconds to insanity)
When: Saturday, May 10th at 3:00PM.
Where: Arctic Craft Brewery (2506 E Platte PL. Colorado Springs Co. 80909) [Mapquest it!!!]
Hare: 7 Second Pump
Bring: $5 and a thirst for beer. Oh, and virgins (if they're brave enough).
Notes: Trail will be between two tables that are approximately a one minute walk apart. At each table there will be kegs of Arctic beer and we'll be drinking 1-2 oz. at each station (per minute) until a winner is declared (or everyone passes out).


GrannyLingus said...

Dude why couldn't we have done that when I was home not while I was deployed.

ESPN said...

Did anyone ever find out where Z is? Is he still MIA?

brownie said...

Oh my god, we should totally have a beer mile for this too!

I heard Z died of AIDS. That's what he gets for screwing monkeys.