Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making the News

Hey folks there is no fancy picture on this but currently NBC is doing a special on the unit I am with. It started airing last night so if you missed it you can look it up on MSNBC.com under videos another brick in the wall, "the beaver dam" was us and next time I have spray paint with me a big ON - ON or CKH3 will be posted. All is ok here and see you all soon


GrannyLingus said...

NBN I found another place for shirts and patches, I ma currently awaiting a return email from them for prices. Location is my hometown.

brownie said...

Yeah, like anyone is gonna watch the news when dancing with the stars is on! Sheesh.

GrannyLingus said...

Don't be jealous. How is the training coming along for hardrock?