Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well Apparently the Kimchi Van has the hottest seats in town! With this said, I need to unfortunately make a requirement of 20.00 to hold your seat on the Van. I'm doing this to avoid arguments of who gets to go or stay. I'm not wanting to choose nor make NBN do it. The 20.00 is nonrefundable. Period. If someone buys your seat from you, different situation.If this does happen must confirm NBN or myself knows as well. The 20.00 will go towards the lump billing of seat, which depends on total amount of people. The Van itself is 500.00 and the gas approx. is 350.00 so total is 850.00.
So if all seats are filled, it will as little as 57.00 per!Awesome Fuck Yeah! Round Trip!
So at this upcoming Kimchi Hash, Kelly/Wheeler Squeeler will be my Proxy.I will be at the GABF!So if you are getting a mug and a seat and on trail be prepared to bring at least 65.00!Mugs Are 40$Seats 20.00
The following people are paid for or automatic*

That leaves only 8 seats left!
Please understand why I initiated this...Seeing the huge participation of the newsletter, made me realize the potential disaster!It may even require a second Van! Holy PooP that would be awesome!So this is posted on HashSpace, Newsletter and HashTrash CKH3. If I missed someone please inform...
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BicycleBleeder said...

Low Profile just signed and paid.
See that! Seconds within posting!
CRAZY! Now do you see? OMG!

Lick My Lincoln said...

I'm cumming, driving my truck. We can handle two or three, depending, plus there's room for luggage, a beer-pong table and, of course, a cooler full of Wisconsin Lunch Boxes.


GrannyLingus said...

Still confused on what the FUCK is a lunch box, if you say regular beer and orange juice, somebody else might need to see mental health and not me.

To me a lunch box would be a small cooler with atleast a 6-12 pack in it, now that sounds like a good lunch

Nuthin' But Net said...

3/4 regular beer +
1/4 orange juice +
1 shot amaretto =

Wisconsin Lunch Box

GrannyLingus said...

yep just found out what that is. I was talking to a potential virgin and he asked why our 40's looked like they had orange juice in them. I told him about the brass monkey then he told me about the lunch box said it is his drink, I am sure I have atleast 2 virgins for when we get back.