Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mugs are finally in, and they turned out pretty good. There are some problems though.

First off, if you're not on the following list, you didn't get a mug. I had a few people come up to me at Granny's hash on Saturday and ask about the mugs, seems like they thought they're getting one but I had no recollection of them ever paying me or even telling me they wanted a mug. This list was passed around several times, and if you ain't on it, oh well.

Fairy Fluffer
Late Nite Drive Trough
Lick My Lincoln
Lady Does Suck
Wet Spot
Bone Sucker
Ass Gagger
Dust Balls
Donnie the Retard
Anal Bead Chainsaw
Nuthin' But Net
Tits on the Ritz
Little Ring Riding Hood
Nappy Headed WHORE

Second, there are two mugs for Nappy, so I'm afraid someone on that list ain't gonna get a mug either. When I find out who got shorted I'll shoot an e-mail back to the mug guy, but with the way he's been working with me I can't guarantee anything.

Lastly, I'm not responsible for spelling errors. I think they spelled WOP wrong (WOOP). I have the e-mail with the names on it, and I made myself very clear to the guy to use my list. So don't yell at me if your mug says "Nothing Butt Net."

I will try to get to Arctic this Friday to hand out the mugs.


Impala Mama said...

Heehehee, Nothing Butt Net.....
Hell, these would not be true hash mugs if they didn't have some decent spelling errors and other fuck ups! The logo looks sweet...people are gonna be all jealous of our mugs. Not jugs....mugs...

Late Nite Drive Thru said...

If my mug says "trough" after the millions of times I AND others! corrected you, I am going to beat you over the head with it.

Gagger said...

So does mine have the letter "A" or the @ sign?