Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hey folks, the mugs are in the mail! If you ain't on this list, you ain't getting a mug. And if you are on this list, like it or not, you are getting a mug!

Fairy Fluffer
Late Nite Drive Trough
Lick My Lincoln
Lady Does Suck
Wet Spot
Bone Sucker
Ass Gagger
Dust Balls
Donnie the Retard
Anal Bead Chainsaw
Nuthin' But Net
Tits on the Ritz
Little Ring Riding Hood
Nappy Headed WHORE

I'll never work with this company again, that's for sure. Lost quite a bit of loot on the shipping fiasco. So if anyone wants to buy me a pint when they get their mug, that'd be cool. And if it just happens to be a pint of jager, that would be extra cool!

1 comment:

Lick My Lincoln said...

When are they supposed to get here?