Monday, July 9, 2007

Kimchi Appreciation Night @ Arctic!

Wankers, come get some love showered unto you at Arctic Craft Brewery this Friday the 13th of July. John and Aaron feel that they would not have gotten through the winter without us (yay! who says drinking doesn't benefit others?!?) and want to show their gratitude to us Kimchi's by helping us do what we do best......guzzling down tons of good beer!

We love John, Aaron, and Miss Rachel, and will all be more than happy to come drink their microbrews for $2 a glass. Please meet us at Artic this Friday and be ready to gets sum good luvin'. Thanks guys!

What: Kimchi Appreciation Night

When: 13 JULY 07

Where: Arctic Craft Brewery, 2506 E. Platte Place,

Why: Cuz we're baddass yo!

Post Script: P2H4's, and all you other hashers that are available to drink and party, you know we love you too--won't you please join us?

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Marissa said...

I will be there! what about you???