Monday, October 1, 2007

#112 Hash Trash?

I don't know if I dare to publish it - apparently, the pack's Va-Jay-Jays got wet in the little bit of rain and wind and they gave up on the trail and went back to the bar where it was dry and warm.

Meanwhile, I'm out slogging through this hellish quick storm that blew up and was GONE by the time I made it back to the bar. I think they just got scared when I went straight down the face of the cliff. Shhhit - it wasn't that far of a drop. All I heard was bitching and moaning about how far apart the hash marks were. Well they found them, didn't they?

Whatever. We drank bum wine. And beer. And then went to Arctic and drank more beer. I didn't get home until 5 AM, so I'd say it was successful.

Oh, and the Hash seriously needs to start hanging at Arctic more - those freakin' melee-ers are breedin' like rats or something. We're getting a bad rap AND LOSING AT BEER PONG.


Marissa said...

Um, ya we need to beat down on some melee fools. They are starting to piss me off with all the lip flapping

brownie said...

Once my wizard gains a few more spells, those melee guys are done! And how the hell can they be breeding, ain't like those guys can get laid.

MELEE said...

Whatever Riss, you aint pissed.

Lol far as us getting laid....have you even seen our women?

Lick My Lincoln said...

The funniest was the little tiny brunette chick who was so drunk she kept falling on the floor. And everyone just ignored her. Hahaha - if she were a Hasher, she'd at least have been laid!

Nuthin' But Net said...

Great, we have the "fire-breathing elves" checking our blog now.

I can't wait to roll another 27, then I'll have enough constitution to masturbate to straight porn.