Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick notes on CKH3 #114:

1. Granny, the 1/4 barrel of On-On Ale is taken care of. It will be ready around Thursday or Friday.

2. ABC, how many beer-stops did you want on trail?

3. I'm bringing another virgin to this trail, as should you all. I don't think trail will be too long due to activities that are planned for after circle, as well as Granny's party. That being said, you have no excuse not to bring your Grandma out to this hash. I don't care about her pelvis condition, just give her some Evil Eye and tell her to stop being such a pussy.

4. Nappy Headed WHORE has assured me that she will be bringing the CKH3 beer-pong table to Granny's party on Saturday. I am thereby absolved of all responsibility in this matter. If she forgets it, write your Congressional Representative. Or take a dump on her porch. Or ask Brownie to do that in a "not so literal" way. You get my drift.

5. Is the Grand Master actually showing up to this trail? I was just wondering, you know, because he's the GM and all, and if we need to, we'll bring ten-sided dice to this trail to lure him there.

6. Everyone make sure to check out my blog so you can have a say in what goes on the CKH3 Tex-Mex 2008 shirt. If you don't vote, you don't get to whine. Or drink wine for that matter. And by wine, of course I mean bum-wine. Duh. "If it's got a cork, then you're a dork" is what I always say.

7. Poop-da-poop-da-poopity-poop-dee-poop-da-poopity-pee.


Marissa said...

Its a 20 sided dice dork, jeez didn't you ever play d&d as a kid...

I want 1 beer stop, and a huge ass cooler of pabst for the endgame.

thanks yo

Nuthin' But Net said...

No, I NEVER played D&D as a kid. Or swordfighting. Or Barbies.

But I did play GI Joe.


brownie said...

Granny, I met a guy at the San Antonio hash who knew you from Korea. Can't remember his name but his wife, Kit Kat, was smokin' hot. Anyways, he said you were a fag.

GrannyLingus said...

Must been Gay Ho,, he is just pissed that he could never snare me.

Net I do have 2 nice siced coolers here at the house for the non keg beer if we need them

N.H.W said...

Beer pong table will be there

brownie said...

Yeah, I think it was Gay Ho. How the hell could he have not snared your slowpoke ass?