Friday, October 5, 2007

Yet again, we have competition:

Hello wankers! This is your official announcement that there will again bea Halloweeny Hash this year at 2PM on October 28. As always, it will besomewheres b/w CO Springs and Fart Collins, and Idaho Springs and Limon.My beautiful co-hare (Lubed-n-Ready) won't be able to help me this year soI've got a new co-hare: Shoe F*cker. That means the trail and the circlewill be even sh*ttier than EVER!As usual, please cum in costume! This year's theme is . . . DRESS AS YOURHASH NAME. There will be sh*tty prizes for 1st- 3rd place. More details tofollow . . .

On-oN,Rin Tin T*ts

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