Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This is quite possibly the stupidest Hash idea EVER!!! Z and Lincoln will start by carrying a pony keg as far as they can up the Incline in Manitou Springs. When they stop, the hares will catch up and everyone will drink. Two new hares will continue ... you get the point. MILF suggested we all dress like Bhuddist monks, since we're climbing the "1000 steps" to enlightenment drunkeness. Believe it or not, once the keg is finished, the pack will run back down to the start via the Barr trail. This one oughta be good ... P.S. We need volunteers to stay sober and drive - we're gonna be TRASHED!!!

When: 2:00 PM , Saturday, May 23

Where: Barr Trailhead in Manitou Springs - just past the Cog Railway in Manitou Springs (515 Ruxton Ave.) see MAP

Hares: Initial Hares Bloody Z and Lick My Lincoln

TRAIL: up the Incline & down Barr trail

BRING: $ hash cash, cups/mugs to carry up the Incline

Directions: From I-25, take exit #141, head west on Cimarron St./24 go almost 5 miles to the Manitou Ave. exit go a little over a mile heading west on Manitou Ave. and take a left on Ruxton Ave follow it past the Cog railroad parking, take a right up the hill at the Barr trail parking sign and find parking.

On After is at Kinfolk in Manitou Springs, so bring some beer money, too!

****Safety note**** PLEASE make sure you are fully hydrated. The Incline goes from roughly 6,600 to 8,600 feet in the distance of a mile. Altitude plays a factor here, and hydration helps your body counter the effects of rapid altitude change (not that we're going to be moving all that fast). Bring extra Hashers, too! The more Hashers there are, the quicker we'll be able to drink all the beer, and the quicker we'll finish this completely F***ed up trail!

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