Thursday, March 1, 2007

A little help please

So I made fun of NBN for losing everybody's number because I thought I had them all saved, not happening so please can you email me or call me so I can have your numbers again.
Dani we may have to get together and talk about these trails you speak of in Fountain, as I will be moving to the New Gen homes right off of powers.


Just Dani said...

Okay now you are gay because you bought a house from New Gen Home! There are so many more cool houses that are older!!!! Sure I will show you all the cool trails, there are a ton of places to go. We should do a hare together!

brownie said...

Lot of chomos live over in that area. You'll fit right in.

Just Dani said...

Good Gawd, Is everyone having a hard time spelling today or what!

Brownie, what is a chomos? Is that a Caucasian homo????

brownie said...

Prison-speak for child molester. Duh.

Best line of "Beer League:"

"I'm not afraid of you. When I was in the joint, I fucked guys a lot bigger than you."

Cross Country Cock Crazy said...

So THAT'S where Net got that line from...
Brownie, you should send me a map of all the chomos you know of.