Sunday, March 4, 2007


So I decided to be like Brownie today and enjoy the great weather, but I did like 30 miles or so. Man did it feel good to ride the ol' scooter today. Anyway along my merry journey I found out that Knob Hill will be serving steak this Friday for 5.25 or in that ball park anyway, and the on St. Patty's day starting at 8 am Navajo Hogans will be serving Leprechaun POOP. Just a thought since we all like poop of maybe stopping by there before we hit down town.


brownie said...

Knob Hill has steak every Friday, cheesedick. What time does Navajo open on St. Pat's day, we surely can't miss the P2H4 trail!

GrannyLingus said...

Well according to the owner or his wife, whoever runs the place. Steak night is every other friday. It might have changed you know like the 3 dollar pitchers from 9-11. 8 am Navajo's opens and you are right we just can't be late for the P2H4 trail. I hear it's going to be SUPER!!!

Cross Country Cock Crazy said...

I wonder if that leprechaun poop is taken from the same leprechauns that give blow jobs at Old Chicago? Is the P2H4 trail going to have leprechauns?

Lick My Lincoln said...


The trail on the 17th is a KIMCHI trail!

There better be leprechauns, dammit! Or at least, midget strippers!