Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Jews are coming! The Jews are coming!

Bunch of Jewish folks from the Denver hash are planning on celebrating passover at the MOPP hash on April 25. There will be manischewitz (yes, I had to look that up to spell it correctly) at all beer checks! Damn, that's at least five people showing up, this could be the biggest MOPP since the last one!


MEPS said...

Someone hit me up where the next hash is going to be, if there is one before the 9th. I'm in town from Okinawa. I'll be here until the 9th.

I brought some shirts and patches from OH3 if anyone wants to trade. Think I might have a beer at Arctic Craft Brewery on Thursday.
Email me,


brownie said...

There's a Pikes Peak hash on Saturday. Starts downtown at Will's bar. Details on

C-4! said...

L'Chayim!!! Wish I could be there! Happy Pesach, I hope someone will be making matzah balls to serve at the end point.

brownie said...

Can't you make some, C-4? Of course you can, you can make anything!

C-4! said...

Yeah, but I am not going to be there.

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