Friday, April 18, 2008

CKh3 #127

What: CKH3 #127 --- 52 Pick Up Hash.
When: 4/26/08 at 2:00 PM. (Drinking practice/on-before 1:00pm, chalk/playing card talk 2:15ish, Hare out 2:30ish.)
Hare: NoGirth, live (mobile & breathing at least) hare.
Where: Hacienda de Girth, 524 E. Uintah St, Colo. Sprgs, 80903.( 719) 338-7189.
Directions: Uintah Street between Corona & El Paso on north side of Uintah.
Bring: $5, whistle, etc.


brownie said...

About fucking time!

Not So Silent Bob said...

Brownie, where is the start information for the MOPP hash?

brownie said...

It has been posted to the Colorado hash e-mail list and the hashspace groups of the MOPP, Kimchi, Pikes Peak, Denver, and Boulder Flatlanders. It's also on the receding hareline at There was also a full page ad in yesterday's New York Times. I'm not ate the fuck up like all these poser hares who only post info two weeks in advance. I'll put out a reminder on Tues or Wed.

C-4! said...

Brownie is so organized.

And gay.