Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kimchi Trash & Pics for #123 & #124

CKH3 #123 - Hash started at Palmer park east side and ended at Palmer park west side. Nuthin' but Net was the hare, FRB: Bloody Z, DFL: No Girth, hashshit: NASCOCK, dog owners, a couple virgins, a couple auto wankers, and one basher: Unfuckable and then swing low. Not so good at writing the trash so feel free to add to the trash with comments.
CKH3 #123 - pictures

CKH3 #124 - Hash started at Will's sports pub. Bloody Z & Bloody T as the hares laid trail with red flour/chalk & green & red hair spray. The trail followed the parade route north along Tejon. The first beer check was the very top of the 7 story parking garage (where last years first beer check was). Right in front of Tony's bar, Bloody Z was snared by Wong Way who skipped the first beer check. Second beer check was at the railroad track bridge, which everyone skipped. On-in was down in the very bottom of parking garage underneath the Wells Fargo/Antlers Hilton building. Bloody Z drank for being the Hare then had to sit on a ice block for being snared, where he had beer & flour/chalk dumped on him. The hare snare was: Wong Way, FRB: I Like your Boobs, FBI: female virgin ?, DFL: Not so Silent Bob (I think), Virgins: too many to remeber ?, a couple females had to drink for playing with the kryptonite dildo, Autohasher: SALSA & Tits on the Ritz, Hashshit: Bloody Z (for many reasons), dog owners drank, Gotta get Wet drank for having a dog that likes to lick ice, so we named her dog 'Ice hole rim-job', and then swing low. After circle most people went back to Will's pub but Lick my Lincoln who had every bodies stuff in his car disappeared into Jack Quinn's with a couple female hashers, after two hours of calling and driving around trying to find Lincoln, he finally showed back up at Will's sports pub. Feel free to add to the trash with comments.
CKH3 #124 - pictures

CKH3 #124 - more pictures

CKH3 #124 - and more pictures from AFT


Nuthin' But Net said...

Definition of irony?

Bloody Z getting snared by someone who blew through a check and/or didn't follow trail properly?

Roflmao! Wish I could have been there!

C-4! said...

NBN!!! You just turned into a sorority school girl! You said 'ROFLMAO.' I knew we should have sent you to an all male college...

omg, tty l8r.

Nuthin' But Net said...

Like, totally.