Sunday, March 30, 2008

Run #125

Well, Hares were away in typical Kimchi style, about 35 minutes late, which was all right, because the last two hounds, Just Pokey and Just ________ (yeah, I drank beer yesterday), barely made it in time for Hounds away.

Hares MILF and Bicycle Bleeder were away, though, and soon after, the pack departed Sticks.

The first part of the trail was going swimmingly until Wong Way, who reached the first beer check before the rest of the pack, accidentally locked MILF's garage, where the beer was stashed.

Luckily, several in the pack had cell phones, and Bicycle Bleeder came to our rescue, letting us in for BEER and a bottle of bum wine. During our time at the beer check, Just Britney explained her method for drinking box wine, informing the pack that you had to hold up the bag and "smack that bitch," demonstrating for the pack. After much laughter and a few PBRs, it was hounds away to search for the second beer check.

This is where the trail fell apart. The hares laid a true trail pointing in a different direction than trail actually went. Half the pack decided to follow Wong Way and Nuthin' But Net, who clung to his bottle of Arbor Mist tenaciously and SWORE he knew where the next beer check (at ABC's house) was.

Well, most of the females (Just Brittney, Just Pokey, Tits on the Ritz) figured out the fucked up markings along with No Girth. Wong Way decided to take a running tour of the Springs, and Brownie, Net and I along with Just ________ (Goddamn!?!?!! I can't remember her freaking name!), wandered aimlessly across Academy BLVD at least 17 times before breaking down and calling the extremely pregnant C4, who was waiting to meet us at the 2nd beer check to walk the remainder of the trail with us.

ABC's husband was visiting on furlough, nice to see him safely back from Iraq, and Hares away, shortly followed by the Hounds. Out of nowhere, Wong Way appears, pushing his hardest to be FRB. Brownie wasn't having any of that, though, and smoked him, Just Britney in as FBI. DFL was Not So Silent Bob, I think - hell, I don't know, I'd found a 40 of Colt 45 and Billy Dee and I were hanging wit' our homies by then.

Circle, Hares drink, FRB, FBI drink, DFL drinks. Introduce virgins, guerrilla down downs (Wong Way gets Hashit for locking beer check) other accusations, then it was time for a naming.

Just Britney is no longer, and STDBitch (Slap That Damn Bitch) was christened with an ice cold can of Beast for her box wine drinking prowess. Yes, she did her down down through the Gerbil Tunnel using the bag from the box wine.

Hash announcements, Swing Low, on after graciously hosted by Wong Way.


GrannyLingus said...

I feel left out of the smart women comment and the fact that we actually figured out where to go. boo hoo...heheh


BicycleBleeder said...

Sorry my fat ass can't lat good trail... next time i'll hand out a map to circle, since no one looks down and to the left.