Friday, February 22, 2008

Kimchi Trash & Pics for #121 & #122

@ss Gagger you TRAITOR, we now know you secretly love the Texas Longhorns.

CKH3 #121 - Hash started and ended at brownie's home, didn't get a lot of pictures. brownie was the hare, FRB: ?, DFL: ?, hashshit: brownie, late to the hash lots of hashers. But the most important part of this hash was when long time Texas A&M fan @ss Gagger proclaimed her love for the Texas University Longhorns and started wearing a Longhorns hat. @ss Gagger you TRAITOR!!! After the hash we all went to the Mardi gras parade with the Pike Peak hashers. Feel free to add to the trash with comments.
CKH3 #121 - pictures

CKH3 #122 - Hash started at Tony's bar, all of us dressed to the 9's. Net in his Pretty in Pink shirt looking very gay. Bloody Z & M.I.L.F. as the hares laid trail in neon orange hair spray. The first beer check was to be the world's smallest bar but they had yet to open, so we went to the next beer check which was Phantom Canyon brewery where we played pool while drinking, next beer check was Oscar's bar where we enjoyed oysters, then on to Will's bar where the bartender gave us a free pitcher, then on-in to the end at McCabe's Tavern. FRB: Facial condom, FBI: Bicycle Bleeder, DFL: Nascock (even know we had to send Dances with Pillows back to Will's to get Net), to long between hashes: Dances with Pillows (aka: Argo-nutz), Hashshit: Lick my Lincoln (for being a fairweather hasher, going to the Superbowl, and not supporting his local Kimchi poop), Autohasher: Unfuckable, new to the hash: some hasher from Texoma H3, Aahlawetta for Wheeler Squeeler, then swing low. Feel free to add to the trash with comments.
CKH3 #122 - pictures

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@ss gagger said...

Bite me Bloody! I should've known you were up to no good when you put that hat on me.