Monday, February 11, 2008

another year older

Let me thank everyone that participated in the tape recording. Sorry Net I wont be wearing that LBE for you do to the fact they stoped using them like 3-4 years ago. Best line of the tape was Wheeler saying but I don't drink PBR and Net replying but lucky for us Granny does. I am planning a beer pong game for later today, need to enjoy my 28th some how right.

Does anybody remember this time last year we were prepping for the kidnapping of 7 second pump.

All seems to be going ok here for now anyway.


Nuthin' But Net said...

You got the tape! Sweet! I was drunk!

You bastard! I was waiting until the 12th (after midnight tonight) to post a happy birthday message to you! HOMO!

Sorry about the older TA-50 reference... I got out in right after I got back from Iraq... in December of 2003.

Damn I feel old.

Lick My Lincoln said...

Happy late birthday fucker!

Hope the beer pong went alright.