Wednesday, March 18, 2009

150th Run Down

Start Point was McCabe's Tavern, We actually had a decent turn out to include some of my favorite Pikes Peakers. Bob gave the chalk talk as his co hare laid the first part of the trail, first time we saw a picture check and a brownie check, the picture check was for the purple castle real close to the first stop and in and alley we found the Brownie check, a huge dumpster so the majority of us decided to get a picture on the dumpster Lip Lock Me busted a nut trying to get on the dumpster.
Stops were:
Oscars,parking garage, Jose Muldoons were we tried recruiting 2 future hashers, then we finished at Tony's.

FRB was Grannylingus ( talk about bullshit )
FBI was volunteered by Dairy Godmother because we couldn't remember who came in after Me.
there were a bunch of accusations like for not wearing a bra or for going commando, all former GM's and individuals at the very first Kimchi run had to drink. We did have 2 virgins can't remember their names but i am sure they will be back and we did not do any namings but that should be at the next Kimchi hash which Wheeler and i will miss do to vacations.

On after took us to Benny's were Lip Lock Me's car got towed (sorry dude no luck they told me to fuck off only nicer ) and we watched a pretty decent blues type band, and 2 cab's later I made it home.

Bottom line it was a great time had by all, and C-4 was in fighting spirits or supporting spirits because she did several great NBN stand in drinks.

No pictures with this because they can be seen every where, however Bob or Poop needs to post their picture taken at the picture check.


brownie said...

All that AND I got a new happy coat!

GrannyLingus said...

Oh yeah I almost forgot, but then again that does happen from time to time. Enjoy that new happy coat

Impala Mama said...

Damnit Rev. brownie! You shouldn't take advantage of drunk chicks like THAT. Did I get in a bar fight?

Thanks for the great night.....excellent trail, NSSB and Susan Mopper!

brownie said...

No bar fight, unless it was at the Finish Line Lounge!

Impala Mama said...

hmmm...who knows. If there were no police report, then it didn't happen.