Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry, but she was right....

I have to send it to the Colorado Receding Hareline in this form anyways....

What: CKH3 #148
When: Saturday, February 14th at 2:00 PM
Where: Adam's Apple Lounge, 3302 Austin Bluffs Pkwy # A in Colorado Springs.
Hare: Bicycle Bleeder
Directions: Adam's Apple Lounge is located off of the corner of Austin Bluffs/American Pkwy. Use Google maps.
Bring: $5 and some warm clothes. Shag bags too. Oh, and maybe a valentine for MILF?
MUI Importante: Bring $35 if you want a happy coat! This is your last chance to prepay! Also, you can prepay for your new Kimchi hoodie for $30!


Not So Silent Bob said...

did you want all the sizes I have collected for out of towners? I have a really long list now. I can prepay for those ppl if necessary.

Impala Mama said...

Jeez, NBN is such a control freak!

ESPN said...

I am rsvp ing to tell you that I will not be able to attend that hash. But we are going to a hash/social hour in Oklahoma City next week.