Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kimchi Red Dress


The Kimchi red dress run starts this Saturday, 2PM, at Mo's Diner.  Mo's is located at 108 Manitou Ave, 80829.  However, you must park at the Manitou High baseball field.  To get there from I-25, exit Cimmarron and head towards the mountains.  Turn right on 31st street, then turn left (towards Manitou) on Colorado Avenue.  After a mile or so on Colorado there is a stoplight at the T-intersection with Beckers Lane.  Turn right on Beckers and head half a block to the baseball fields.  Park there and walk back to the stoplight and you can see Mo's from there.  Mo's is directly across the street from Castaway's.  

Hash cash is five bones.  There is also a bar on trail, so bring some extra loot.  Trail is relatively tame but keep the high heels at home.  Your feet will probably get wet and circle is outside, so plan accordingly.

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