Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just got this on the other CKH3 website:

Destiny has it that I will be Hashing with the Kimchi Hash sometime soon...unlike the last attempt in 2007...damn the man...so many biers, so little time.

Am departing the Bier country I have sequestered myself in for the last 9 (gads! that long?) years (minus a visit to the sandbox), to return to the land of my birth - Colorado. 1983 was the last time I lived there longer than 2-hashes (leave/vacation), so I guess my sorry ass needs to find beer goggles to look at the pretty (non-existant) horse pastures with.

The military, in all it's wisdom, has deemed it necessary for me to find my own Import/Export service to transfer my booze back home, so I am not sure how much bier I will be able to drag back as a dowery to the Hash. More (bier and info) to follow.

Look forward (or backwards over my shoulder) to finally hashing in CO! Home Kennel is Surf City HHH, Santa Cruz, CA. Hashed all over Germany and CA, with a jaunt in Sweden.

Until then...

Are You?

Brave Brave Sir Robin


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