Monday, September 17, 2007


Check it out! It's not very long, but can play in the pool or hot tub. Article is here.

True aficionados understand that beer pong (sometimes known as Beirut) is not just a sport, but a way of life. Portable pong tables are widely available, but they can't go everywhere. Which is why the enterprising young men at PortOPong invented the inflatable beer pong raft, for use in pools and at the beach. The raft costs $50, which is pricey compared to similar "pool mattresses." But for the millions of young Americans who are serious about beer pong, price is no obstacle. We predict that this simple invention will become very popular. Because nothing is more fun, or less dangerous than swimming drunk.

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Nuthin' But Net said...

Who's buying this for Tex-Mex?

(I live in Colorado... )