Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oct 6, 2007 - P2H4

Pike's Peak H4 Hash Hared by Kimchi Hasher!

Theme: Eric the 'alf a Bee
Hare: Lick My Lincoln
When: Saturday, Oct. 6, Drinking practice starts at 1:00PM, Hare away at 2:00 PM
On before and start: Murray St. Lounge, 609 N Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs
Trail: A to 1/2-B (hence the theme) dog friendly for friendly dogs (except the second beer stop, but you can tie them up outside!)
Bring: $ Hash Cash, whistle, a little extra beer money just in case, shag bag, a thirst for SHIGGY, band aids (I said there'd be SHIGGY), a bottle opener, virgins, your mom (if she's Hash friendly), ping-pong balls in case you want to play beer pong at the second beer check.
Directions: From Academy, turn East on Platte, then left on Murray. Bar is 1/2 block up on the right. From Powers, head West on Platte, turn right on Murray. The bar should be in the same spot unless the Kimchi get there first.


Nick said...

Mad props for haring two weeks in a row! You are the schizzle!

brownie said...

I heard only gay people hare two weeks in a row.

Lick My Lincoln said...

Your mom Hares two weeks in a row!