Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So, as I was making my usual trek across the great state of Texas, my belly button began to rub a blister on my backbone. I decided I would pull over for the only safe food in a strange Texas town - barbeque. And as I pulled up, I almost ran over their sign. This particular establishment is famous for its "talent sausage". No joke. Being that all work and no play makes Bone Sucker a very dull girl, I dashed right in to test the the talent of said sausages! Oooh, talented sausage, you know the kind of thoughts that were running through my head. Boy was I disappointed, they didn't even do any tricks let alone display any kind of talent - they didn't even look very tasty - and the guy with the meat-cleaver? Definitely questionable. The purveyors? Didn't even get my joke. I took my chicken and hit the road again. *Sigh*


Nick said...

You are a strange, strange little woman.

You should live here. :)

Jerri said...

I know, ain't it great??? I'm serious though - the dang sign said in two foot letters - "Git Yer Talent Sausage Here"