Thursday, August 2, 2007

CKH3 #108: Trail Scouting Report:

Yesterday was a good day for riding bikes. Your awesome hares decided to go scout trail via bicycle and get some exercise. We had decided on 6:00 PM as a meeting time. One problem though... Nappy Headed WHORE! decided she was going to feed her dog, or go to a corporate dinner, or visit her Aunt Daisy... whatever, she decided not to make it. So the scouting mission was down to two personnel. Whatever, we decided to push on, you know, "persevere in virtue and diligence" and all that jive.

So we went, traveling at high speeds on trails, dodging traffic on large thoroughfares, and were halfway done when "BAM!"... I had a flat tire. This has not been my best week in the bike riding department, let me tell you. First, the bee story, and now this! The Gods are against me!

So we pull over, with Lick My Lincoln giving instruction on changing out a tube (I know, I suck for not ever doing it before) and before you know it, we're back on the road again, eastbound and down, scouting like the wild hares that we are.

End result, be prepared for an awesome trail. Tell all your friends. Make sure to invite as many Pikes Peakers as you can, and tell them the Tommy Knocker will be a-plenty. It looks like this will be a nice little trail.


brownie said...

Were you two scouting trail or preparing for your role in the upcoming movie, "The Ambiguously Gay Duo?"

Nuthin' But Net said...

I little bit of both. I, of course, am Ace.

Could Lincoln be any other character besides Gary? Surely not.

As we rode together in soft evening son, Lincoln looked towards me and whispered in his soft Mexican voice,"I wish I could quit pooping."

Lick My Lincoln said...

You guys are so gay!

And FUCK that Gary bullshit! I'm Ace!

C-4! said...

I was wondering what took you guys so long....I should have known.........I should have known....