Saturday, February 16, 2013

Re: 2013 Year of the Kimchi! As of 16 Feb 2013.

Yo!  Kimchi and various other Hashers… I am DYING here….more holes than I can fill….yes I am now on my knees BEGGING for Hares…from THIS CUMING Saturday to April 6 – guess what…there is NOTHING!  No One…  Not a peep or a cricket.  There MUST be someone, anyone to help me out here.  I know it’s been cold and sucky, but cum on now gang, throw a girl a bone PLEASE!!!!

252 - 02/23/2013 -
253 - 03/09/2013 -
254 - 03/23/2013 -
255 - 04/06/2013 -

                It’s coming down to the wire and well beyond QUIET DESPARATION! 

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