Sunday, January 20, 2013

CKH3 #250 And the LIVES have it!!

What: CKH3 #250 And the LIVES have it!!
Hare(s):  BDSM
When:   26 January 2013 at 2:00ish
Where:  Uncle Fred's Tavern:  215 Fontaine Blvd, 80911
DisErections:  Google F*ckin Works
Bring: A NET (I mean, you WANT to catch the Hare, right?)  VIRGINS (because we always need someone to sacrifice to the Beer Gods, $5.00 Hash cash, ID (preferably one that at least LOOKS like you, whistles, shag bag, koozies, drinking vessel, Lube (flavor preferred), head lamps and/or flashlights. 
Notes: Trail is LIVE.  It’s January in Colorado folks, so dress accordingly. 

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