Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kimchi UPdate, 25 April...Here Hare - come here you fuzzy little (*^*#

Howdy GANG!  It is your friendly yet missing in action Kimchi Hare Raiser!  Guess what…OMG we need hares.  As I wait anxiously to hear from our mighty 3M regarding the Cinco De Mayo Hash. I am caught in the conundrum of what to do about the Rest of May and ALL of June.  NOW, our adoring Juciy Pearl originally reserved the 19th for himself, but do to other obligations needs to reschedule to Jun 2…as long as we can find a replacement HARE. 

I am TIED up until June at the earliest….sorry gang, the ropes and ball gag beckon or I would take it.  SO…I know somewhere over the rainbow there is SOMEONE wanting to HARE in the next few weeks…..PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE with Cinnamon on top?  There is a hasher out there somewhere who has yet to get laid….step right up it doesn’t hurt much and you KNOW Kimchi ALWAYS provides plenty of LUBE. 

The Hare listing as I have it is listed below.  I will send out another obnoxious message by Sunday morning if I don’t hear something…and the tongue lashing will continue until SOMEONE gives in. 

Boldly Going On-on

Starship InHerThighs
CKH3 Hare Raiser

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