Monday, December 5, 2011

Solstice MOPP Hash

What: Solstice MOPP Hash
When: Thursday Dec 22
Time: 600pm
Start Location: TBD
Hare: Nacheaux Ass

Hash Cash: Bring a Bottle(s) to share at the end.

Note: This is a real trail. It'll be long, it'll be hard and there will no withdrawal.

By that I mean It'll be dark. It will most likely be cold, snowy and icy. If you want to leave before the rest of the pack does, you're on your own getting back to the start. Wear appropriate clothing and foot gear.

Not Turd (Chilluns) Friendly. Probably Fido Friendly; may be dependent on the Start.

Spread the Word! This is also posted on the Colo Hash group list, CKH3 Blog, and MOPP Hashspace

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