Thursday, September 29, 2011

CKH3# 216

What: CKH3# 216
When: Saturday, 8 Oct, 2011 @2:00 pm
Where: 31st and Chambers Way; Next to Garden of the Gods
Hares: Panda Pancake and Just Maggie
Trail: Two to Three Miles, A to A, Dogs are OK as long as they can handle the rough terrain, and are friendly; same goes for people. This is an FTP trail, meaning you will only see a road to cross it. This will be a LIVE trail Bitches...the way it should be!
De-erections: 3100 Chamber Way, Colorado Springs, CO (38.87159-104.870646)
Bring: Virgins, Whistles, Shag Bags, OWN MUGS, thirst for adventure, barely & hops, and a quest for good times on planet earth!
Note: parking is off a wuiet street; park on the side of the park. Panda will be picking up the tab for everyone's Hash Cash

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