Monday, April 4, 2011


When: Saturday, April 9th at 2:00pm

Where: Casa de Mexican Marble Muncher
2108 Manitoba Dr.
Colorado Springs, Co. 80910

Directions: See Google Maps

Bring: $5 hash cash, virgins and a real thirst for beer!

Notes:'s that time of year again! Get ready to participate in this fantabulous event! Not all will remain standing in the end. There will be patches available for those who complete the 100 ounces in 100 minutes!
*If you're not sure what The Century Club is, please refer to the video on Nuthin' but Net's hashspace page.

PS. While dogs are welcome before and after the hash, it would be appreciated if they can be kept in the cars while the laps are being done so no one trips or gets run over.

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