Thursday, July 8, 2010

CKH3 #185 - You Might Be a Redneck Mad Dog and Spam Hash

When: Saturday, July 17th 2pm

Where: Palmer Park, Dawson Arkose Geological Formation parking lot

WHERE?!: From the Maizeland entrance to Palmer Park, Turn left into the Council Grounds Picnic area, directly across street from the DOGGIE Park. Go the end of the road to the Dawson Arkose Geological Formation parking lot.

Hare: Nacheaux Ass

Bring: $5 hash cash, Virgins over the age of 18, if you can find one..., Chairs for on-after, and a mug/cup for trail and on after.

Notes: Bust out your redneck attire and your best daisy dukes... Yee haw! Trail is AGILE-doggie friendly... Before and after Chubby-doggie friendly.

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