Sunday, September 20, 2009

$100 F*ck! #164

What: CKH3 #164 ($100 F*ck's B-Day Hash)
When: Saturday, September 26th at 2:00 PM
Where: Red Rock Lounge, 3113 W Colorado Ave in Old Colorado City (Springs)
Hare: $100 F*ck
Directions: I-25 to Cimarron... head west... right on 31st St. and left on Colorado Ave... it is on the left right next to the Safeway.
Bring: $5 and a thirst for the spirits. $100 F*ck says she wants to "get her drink on." THERE WILL BE NO SHAGWAGON. I don't know why she emphasized this so much... but I had to make sure I put it out there. She's crazy.

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Tim said...

Forrest Hump here. I Have a CKH3 hasher's waterproof motorcycle gloves I need to mail back. Anyone have an address/POC. He gave them to me at Harry's about 2 weeks ago. He lived near that bar.
Forrest Hump
Drop me a line on HashSpace.