Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CKH3 #159

What: CKH3 #159
When: Saturday, July 18th @ 2:00PM
Where: Parking lot across from the Starsmore Discovery Center And Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center, 2120 South Cheyenne Canon RoadColorado Springs.
Directions: From I-25 take the Cimarron Street/Highway 24 exit and go west. Stay on highway 24 until you get to 21st Street. Turn left (south) on 21st Street. Stay on 21st Street until you get to Cheyenne Boulevard and turn right (west) on Cheyenne Boulevard. The Starsmore Discovery Center is the stone building about 1 mile up Cheyenne Boulevard.
Hares: Granny Lingus and Wheeler Squeeler
Bring: $5, virgins, dry socks (in your SHAG BAG), a thirst for beer and Bob’s mom.
Notes: Yes, Brownie, there will be a shag wagon for this trail.

We will be taking pre-orders for happy coats, $45, and Kimchi tab hoodies, $30. These must be pre-paid. This will be your last chance at a Kimchi hash to pre-order happy coats and it is Low Pro's last trip to Korea, so get yours now!

If you will not be at trail, email Raisin Smuggler at and we can get you signed up for the pre-orders.

Kimchi #160 will be the Analversary on Aug 1 at the Dutch Mill Tavern. 10 stop pub crawl starts at 2pm. Be there when we announce our new GM!

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