Friday, June 26, 2009

If you cant' make it to the Sand Dunes this year and can't wait betweenhashes this is for you!!!!!!!Kimchi's---What else are you going to do. Come out and play with me!! What: P2H4 Hash #596.5 Pick Up LIVE TRAIL!!! When: Saturday, 27 June at 2:00 PM. Where: Sufferin' Bastards Tavern on Peterson Rd and Hwy 24 in ColoradoSprings. (500 yards from Petersons AFB north gate.) GoogleMap it man! Hares: Lip Lock Me-Call 351-4241 call withquestions.Directions: The North East Corner of Peterson Rd and Hwy 24 North of the gas station and west to the liquor store.Why: Some of us lame hashers are scared to leave the Springs because of bears and such at campouts. This trail is in no way to interfere or squelch the SandDunes Hash. I just need something to do on Saturday and this is something.Bring: $5, virgins, whistle and a shag bag. Dog Friendly trail and end.See you

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