Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kimchi #142

CKH3 #142
2 P.M.
6920 Native Circle, CSCO, 80919
Hare: STD Bitch


GrannyLingus said...

HEY...I just talked to STD Bitch. She wants to let everyone know there will be food afterwards. I think she even mentioned Turkey :).


brownie said...

I'll bring some tube steak!

Tell her to get the info for her hash out!

GrannyLingus said...

It looks like you and Net did a good job of getting the info out about start time and location. 3 Post I mean really usually info don't get posted until the day prior what is really going on.

brownie said...

Net is kinda anal about announcing the start time. It's a travesty that Bicycle Bleeder hasn't gotten the info out for Kimchi #143 yet!

FYI, Kimchi #144 is on December 20th and starts at 2PM at Castaway's. Red dress run at a pirate bar, arrrrgh!

C-4! said...

I love Castaways!! I will be wearing a red lounge suit to match the place...